refrigerated containers in lexington kentucky

Refrigerated Containers in Lexington Kentucky

As the second largest city in Kentucky, Lexington is a sports lover’s paradise. Officially dubbed the “Horse Capitol of the World,” the city is home to notable tracks such as Keeneland race course and The Red Mile (the second oldest track in the U.S.) where many large scale events are put on annually. In addition to the equestrian culture, Lexington hosts many sporting events in Rupp Arena and Kroger Field. Both of which are home to the University of Kentucky’s division 1 athletic teams.

Locally owned and operated out of Louisville, Kentucky, Moon Mini Refrigeration has extensive experience assisting in catering special events throughout Kentuckiana. As with any sporting event, refrigeration is often required to keep concessions fresh. With a large inventory of refrigerated containers in Lexington Kentucky available for rent, Moon Mini Refrigeration is often able to offer cold storage on even the shortest of notice.

4 Benefits of Renting Refrigerated Containers in Lexington Kentucky

1. Walk-In Storage

Moon Mini Refrigeration’s 10 foot portable walk in cooler is particularly well suited for catering sporting events. The 10 inch freezer can be easily placed indoors or outdoors for readily available access to goods throughout the duration of a sporting event. Additionally, these coolers come with a heavy duty locking door that features a safety release, an exterior temperature gauge, interior lighting and detachable wheels.

2. Energy Efficiency

All of Moon’s refrigerated containers are equipped with state of the art technology. Powered by electricity, each unit offers quiet and energy efficient refrigeration. This eliminates the cost and hassles often associated with other diesel powered refrigerated trailers.

3. Flexible Rental Terms

Whether the need for cold storage is short or long term, Moon Mini Refrigeration is able to offer flexible rental periods. We understand the ebb and flow of seasonal demands. In the case of a broken unit, our refrigerated containers can quickly provide temporary cold storage so no product is lost. With three sizes available, we can provide optimal cold storage space that meets your needs.

4. Technical Support

Upon delivery, our technician will provide set up assistance to ensure all of the proper electrical requirements are met. After a simple hookup, we will also go over how to operate the container and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

As one of Kentucky’s largest full service leasing companies, we are known for providing top notch customer service. We look forward to supporting the sporting community of Lexington, Kentucky for many years. To rent a refrigerated container in Lexington Kentucky, contact us at 502-772-2821!