La Grange Kentucky Trailer Rentals Container

Refrigerated Containers in La Grange, Kentucky

Located 20 minutes north of Louisville and an hour south of Cincinnati, La Grange is a charming suburban town in the heart of Oldham County, Kentucky featuring a historic preservation district and miles of beautiful, rolling fields. With a population of just over 8,000, La Grange is a thriving and tight-knit community, offering a slower-paced […]

Refrigerated Containers in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Moon Mini Refrigeration has a large selection of refrigerated containers in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the surrounding area. Fayetteville is a great city located on the edge of the Ozark Mountains. It has a wonderful mix of activities and a unique culture culture that makes it a thriving and growing area. Along with quick access to […]

Refrigerated Containers in Knoxville, Tennessee

Refrigerated Containers for Rent in Knoxville, Tennessee Moon Mini Refrigeration has a large selection of refrigerated containers in Knoxville, Tennessee and the surrounding area. Knoxville is a thriving city in Eastern Tennessee. The city is known for its close proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and is home to the University of Tennessee. […]

Reefer Containers in Little Rock, Arkansas

Reefer Containers in Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and an economic and cultural hub of the south. Some of the best known attractions in the city include the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, a number of arts and culture centers, and also a variety of outdoor activities like boating and […]

Refrigerated Containers in Asheville, North Carolina

Moon Refrigeration Offers Refrigerated Containers in Asheville, North Carolina Asheville is the 12th largest city in North Carolina. With its combined small-town feel and city culture, it harbors a number of thriving industries. Tourists often visit Asheville for its outdoor activities, brewery scene, arts offerings, or to visit the historic Biltmore Estate. The city’s music […]

What is the Cold Chain?

You may have heard the term cold chain before. Today on the blog we will be reviewing what it is and why it is so vital for our globalized world. An Intro to the Cold Chain According to the Global Cold Chain Alliance, “The cold chain refers to managing the temperature of perishable products in […]

History of the Reefer Container

The refrigerated container, sometimes called reefer container, is a fundamental part of shipping and storage today. How did we get to this point? Let’s take a look at the history of the reefer container. 19th Century By all accounts, some forms of refrigerated shipping by the early 1800’s. Up until this point, any cargo that […]

Reefer Containers: How They Work

A reefer container is a common term used to refer to a refrigerated container. Reefer containers are used around the globe in various supply chains. They are incredibly effective for cold and frozen storage, both in transportation and for short and long-term storage. The demand for reefer containers has surged in the past few years, […]

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Refrigerated Container Cleaning: 4 Things to Know

When you own or rent a refrigerated container, it’s important to keep it clean, especially in between storage jobs. Here are 4 things you need to know about cleaning your refrigerated container.  There are multiple levels of cleanliness Clean doesn’t have one meaning for refrigerated containers. There are 3 common levels of cleanliness: physical, chemical, […]

4 Ways The Craft Beer Industry Uses Cold Storage Units For Brewing

The brewery industry in Kentucky has exploded in recent years. It currently accounts for over $227 million of the economy and is growing quickly. Quicker than almost any other state, in fact. According to a study by C+R Research in 2019, Kentucky has had the second highest growth in the number of breweries among all […]