Moon Refrigeration has refrigerated storage available in St. Matthews, Kentucky.

Refrigerated Containers in St. Matthews, Kentucky

St. Matthews is a city that is part of Louisville, KY and its metro government. It’s home to Kentucky’s 5th largest mall – Mall St. Matthews – and has a city population of 17,534 (as of the 2020 census) that is made up of a booming population of young professionals, families, and single individuals. However, did you know that it wasn’t always a part of Louisville?

A Brief History of St. Matthews

St. Mathews started out as a small collection of cabins and a stockade, named “Floyd’s Station,” from the settler Col. James John Floyd in 1779; however, this name changed over time to include “The Garden of the State” for the agricultural success and “Gilman’s Point” for a tavern owner before settling on the name we all know today.

As the amount of settlers and plantations grew throughout the 19th century from the original settlers, the area became a large agricultural center that grew mainly tobacco, hemp, and bred livestock such as horses until the soil could not support the plants. Afterwards, the produce shifted to cotton and potatoes, and St. Matthews became the 2nd largest potato shipper in the US in the early-mid 1900s.

Even today, the city pays its respects to its potato past and will hold the St. Matthews Potato Festival on August 5th, 2023 from 12pm-6pm.

Within the community, many details that make up the city’s past remain today, such as:

  • Streets named after original landowners (Brown, Rudy, Nanz, Monohan, etc.)
  • The city name – named after the St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church (the first church in the area) in 1850
  • Trinity High School, which was established in 1953 in conjunction with the oldest Catholic church in the city, Holy Trinity (est. 1882).

The Annexation

The annexation of St. Matthews into Louisville was a long and hard-fought process on both sides. In 1946, Louisville originally attempted to annex only St. Matthews’ business district, but this was taken to court by the community that wouldn’t receive city help and was blocked. Louisville soon put in a second ordinance that included these residential areas, but this was ruled against, as well. Finally, a compromise was made and St. Matthews was incorporated into Louisville in 1950, paving the way for a new sewer system and other public works to be implemented.

Since then, St. Matthews itself has annexed cities and area around it, including Broad Fields, Cherrywood Village, Fairmeade, Plymouth Village, and Springlee.

Refrigerated Storage in St. Matthews, KY

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