Can Moon Mini’s deliver mobile refrigeration on short notice?

Portable Refrigeration containers provide an excellent solution for many cold storage problems. When walk-in coolers and freezers go down due to mechanical failure, immediate delivery of a mobile refrigeration or mobile freezer container can save product that would otherwise be lost. Moon Mini’s LLC rents 20 ft and 40 ft ground level or dock level refrigerated containers on a monthly basis.   We deliver the temporary cold storage units to your location on short notice.

Does Moon Mini’s Mobile Refrigeration rent containers on a short term basis as well as long term?

If your business is expanding and you have outgrown your available refrigerated square footage, our mobile “reefer” containers can provide your business with valuable extra cold storage square footage to accommodate your requirements. It may be that your increase in demand is temporary; therefore, your freezer rental or refrigeration rental requirements are short term. Mobile Refrigeration by Moon Mini’s may be the perfect solution!

Does Moon Mini offer cold storage for seasonal requirements?

A temporary need for cold storage can arise due to seasonal demands. During holiday seasons, food distributors and grocery store freezers and coolers can reach capacity while demand for product exceeds cold storage space available. Moon Mini’s can deliver portable cold storage to your location when you want it and where you want it.

Can the refrigerated containers be dock level as well as ground level?

Our refrigerated containers are versatile in that they can be dock level or ground level. When your requirement is for dock level refrigeration, the containers are delivered on a chassis and positioned similar to a refrigerated semi trailer. When you require that the temporary cold storage unit be at ground level, we deliver the units on a roll-off truck or trailer and they are placed to maximize convenient access.

How do Moon Mini Refrigerated containers compare to the rental of a refrigerated trailer?

Moon Mini’s mobile 20 ft and 40 ft refrigerated containers are powered by electricity. 3 Phase, 230/460 voltage is required. Our portable refrigerated containers are equipped with Carrier brand refrigeration units. The units, equipped with scroll compressors, offer the latest generation technology and provide the quietest and most efficient choice available. The cost of running diesel powered, refrigerated semi trailers vs. our electric powered is much higher.


  1. Quiet Operation: Our state of the art, all electric Carrier equipped refrigeration containers have the latest generation scroll compressors available on the market. Aside from being energy efficient, the units are super quiet. dBA levels are much lower with all electric units compared to diesel powered trailers by a large factor and are more likely to meet local noise codes, especially near residential areas.
  2. Temperature Control: Moon Mini Refrigerated containers have continuous evaporator fan operation on container units which gives the controller constant feedback on the air temperature throughout the container. Refrigerated trailers, when in the stop mode, do not accurately monitor the actual air temperature throughout the trailer because the evaporator fans on not circulating air.
  3. Diesel Fuel Charges and Re-Fueling Coordination Most Reefer Trailers for rental purposes have 50 gallon tanks which require:
    • Constant monitoring
    • High fuel re-fueling/delivery costs
    • Surcharges for distance, holidays, weekends, late night deliveries, etc.
    • Prime and start issues
    • Concern for diesel emission issues, fuel spills, noise, etc.
    • Electricity costs are more stable than diesel fuel costs

Customer Needs and Intentions

Call Moon Mini’s to establish if our refrigerated storage containers are a fit for your application.

Important Questions

  • Temperature range required? (-20oC to +30oC, -5oF to 86oF)
  • Product that will be stored? (No HAZMAT or chemicals for stability.)
  • Expected frequency and duration of door openings?
  • Are you expecting to lower product temperature? (Units are designed to maintain temperature only.)
  • Will container be ground level or is a chassis needed for dock level?
  • Will the customer be able to check on the unit twice daily?
  • Where will the container be placed, indoors or out? (Recommended to be used in average ambient ≤100oF, peaks not to exceed 122oF.)

Electrical Requirements

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all electrical work completed on your property meets local codes. Please question any system requirements that are not understood. It is recommended that the you contract a local licensed electrician to ensure power/service requirements are met by the facility or Moon Mini’s can provide an electrician for this purpose.


Units operate on 460/480 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz power with a maximum electrical load, under rated operating conditions, not to exceed 18.75 kVA. The power consumption shall not exceed 15kW.

If 460/480 VAC is not available, our refrigerated containers are equipped with step up transformers to accommodate either 208VAC or 230/240 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz power.

If you plan to invest in new electrical service in for this application, 460/480 VAC would be the more economical choice.

Phase Sequence

Since the compressor motor, which is the only 3-phase component on the refrigeration system, can rotate in either direction, having the proper “phase” sequence is not an issue. Fan motors are single phase.

Reefer Unit Circuit Breakers

FYI – These breakers are built into the reefer system.

460/480 VAC (25 amp) circuit breaker – must trip at 29 amps (Standard.)
230/240 VAC (50 amp) circuit breaker – must trip at 62.5 amps (Optional.)
208 VAC (70 amp) circuit breaker (Optional.)

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