Electrical Requirements

It is important that both electrical power and physical site requirements are determined to be adequate prior to delivery of the mobile refrigerated containers. Meeting electrical power requirements is the responsibility of the customer.

Electrical Requirements

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all electrical work completed on their property meets local codes. The customer should question any system requirements that are not understood. It is recommended that the customer contract a local licensed electrician to ensure power/service requirements are met by the facility.


Units operate on 460/480 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz power with a maximum electrical load, under rated operating conditions, not to exceed 18.75 kVA. The power consumption shall not exceed 15kW.

If 460/480 VAC is not available, our portable refrigerated containers are equipped with a step-up power transformer which will accommodate either 208VAC or 230/240 VAC. 3-phase, 60 Hz power is required.

If the customer plans to invest in new electrical service in for this application, 460/480 VAC would be the more economical choice.

Phase Sequence

Since the compressor motor, which is the only 3-phase component on the refrigeration system, can rotate in either direction, having the proper “phase” sequence is not an issue. Fan motors are single phase.

Reefer Unit Circuit Breakers

FYI – These breakers are built into the reefer system.

460/480 VAC (25 amp) circuit breaker – must trip at 29 amps (standard)

230/240 VAC (50 amp) circuit breaker – must trip at 62.5 amps (optional)

Hard Wiring vs. Use of Receptacles

There are two ways to connect the unit’s voltage power cable to electrical service.

  1. Hard Wiring – which typically requires that a licensed electrician connect each of 3 power legs and one ground connection to an electric service panel.
  2. Receptacles – if unit will be connected and disconnected frequently this maybe the best method to connect the unit to power.

Electrical Plugs

There are two plug designs that can be used with this equipment, a marine and a domestic type plug.

Marine Plugs CEE-17: Moon Mini’s refrigeration systems are provided with a 460/480 VAC marine design power plug. If the customer plans on using 230/240 VAC power, then the 460/480 VAC plug is necessary, it connects to the unit’s step-up transformer, see diagram.

If customer will operate on 460/480 VAC and plans to hardwire the same, the electrician can remove the supplied plug upon arrival at their site. This plug should be reinstalled when returned Marine Plug

For 460/480 VAC power use 380/440 VAC, 32 AMP, 3-Pole, 4 Wire plug
For 208/230/240 VAC power use 250 VAC, 50 AMP, 3-Pole, 4 Wire plug
Plug/Receptacle source – ERO Electric Reefer Outlets https://www.eroinc.net,

Figure below. Dual Voltage Transformer mounted on reefer unit on the end opposite of the rear entry doors.


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