what are the most popular industrial uses for refrigerated storage

What are the Top 5 Refrigerated Storage Industries?

Cold storage is one of those services that lends itself to multiple areas across the board for consumers in ways we would never think of. We might think about food and the ‘fresh’ marketing tactic, but refrigerated storage can be used in applications far outside the food industry, such as in the floral industry. With so many ways to utilize refrigerated storage, there must be a few industries that claim the top 5 spots for the most use.

There are! We went looking for the most popular industries, and in no particular order, came up with:

1. Fishing

Unless the fish is going straight from the net to the processing plant to be frozen, this is one industry that you wouldn’t want transporting goods without refrigeration. Could you imagine the smell if you got caught behind a non-refrigerated fish transport truck? No thanks! Whether the fish is going to the grocery store, restaurants, or into pet food plants, it needs to remain unspoiled and as fresh as possible to remain within legal standards of consumption.

2. Grocery

Perhaps you’ve heard of or read our blog on the cold chain, but in order to have food, both fresh and frozen, available at our grocery stores – much like fish – we must use reefer containers. In order to keep up with supply and demand, we must draw from resources outside the reach of what’s available locally, as wonderful as local produce and other grocery products are. Grocery stores use refrigerated storage for just about everything, so it’s not surprising they’re on the list!

3. Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Who knew that refrigerated storage could be the reason someone out there is alive today? When it comes to the safe storage of pharmaceuticals, there is often a very narrow window of acceptable temperatures, and it’s integral that the material – which could be blood samples, medications, vaccines, skin grafts, or organs – stay within that temperature range, or it will go bad and become unusable. When these materials need to be shipped across state lines, refrigerated storage can be the reason someone gets the blood transfusion or organ they need!

4. IT, Data Centers, and Electronics

The world of electronics is one of those industries that you wouldn’t immediately attach the need for refrigerated storage to, but the need becomes evident once a deeper look is taken. Electronics, and computers specifically, can be very prone to overheating as they run, even in the proper temperature, which makes them fire hazards. That’s why refrigerated storage is so important in data centers, where computers must run 24/7, and when transporting electronic goods. If a fire breaks out, that’s a lot of damage! Luckily, the risk can be minimized by keeping the air cool and clean in reefer containers.

5. Restaurants and Hospitality

The restaurant and hospitality industries are closely intertwined, with restaurants even being included by some under the umbrella hospitality industry, and have a lot of overlapping facets that seep into each other, such as restaurants in hotels and catering businesses. Since it works so closely with food, as we’ve seen with the grocery industry, reefer containers are essential to keeping food fresh and unspoiled as it’s transported. This is true for both ingredients and fully-prepared dishes, as well as any sanitary products that have the potential to melt, which is where longer storage to keep any reserves during large events comes in handy, as well.

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