Refrigerated Containers in New Albany, Indiana

New Albany: An Overview

Located just 5 miles northwest of Louisville, New Albany is a lively riverside town and the 26th largest city in Indiana. Features lots of restaurants, shopping, and the arts, visitors and locals alike can find plenty to do, from touring the Culbertson Mansion, to visiting world-class Carnegie Center for Art & History, to splashing around at the River Run Family Waterpark, to enjoying the local farmer’s market. In recent years, New Albany has seen significant economic growth and development, and it’s no wonder why, given its highly-engaged community, small-town charm, and rich history. But what’s most “appetizing” about New Albany these days? Probably its great selection of restaurants!

New Albany’s Thriving Food Scene

When you think of New Albany, food probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, New Albany is actually notable for the depth and diversity of its restaurants. Within walking distance of historic tours, the river, and retail shopping, there are dozens of great eateries, bakeries, bars, and cafes! Some of these include Hull & Highwater (seafood), Tacolicious (tacos), Dragon King’s Daughter (Asian fusion), Boomtown Kitchen (American), The Exchange (pub + American food), Ready Set Prep’d (healthy pre-made meals), Brooklyn + The Butcher (steak), Habana Blues (tapas), Aladdin’s (Mediterranean), Floyd County Brewing Company (brewery), La Catrina (Mexican), Toast on Market (brunch), Bella Roma (Italian), and many more! 

Refrigerated Containers in New Albany, Indiana

If you own or work at a restaurant in New Albany, or work in the food industry in general, you’re probably familiar with the seasonal demands of food storage and food transportation. Keeping food fresh is essential, but requires a tremendous amount of hard work and efficiency across all levels of the supply chain. 

If you are looking for a refrigerated, walk-in portable storage container for your restaurant or business, look no further. Moon Refrigeration offers 20 and 40 ft electric “reefer” containers and 10 ft portable walk-in coolers and freezers. We’ll work hard to meet all your short-term and long-term needs, providing fast, reliable, and affordable service at a day’s notice. 

Of course, mobile refrigerated containers aren’t just used by the food industry. If you work in a business related to agriculture, events/venues, florals, medical and biomedical services, construction, or education, you may have use for our services as well.

Why Moon?

Our mobile containers are some of the newest on the market– leading in world-class performance, energy efficiency, quiet operation and reliability. In fact, no refrigeration unit today provides full-load performance as well as our trusted Carrier PrimeLINE technology! What’s more, our containers can be placed indoors or outdoors, at dock level or ground level, and can maintain temperatures between -10F to +75F. 

We proudly serve Louisville, Southern Indiana, Lexington, and the surrounding regions. As one of Kentucky’s largest full-service leasing companies, we can also offer you dumpster rentals, portable restroom rentals, trailer leasing, grease trap cleaning, and much more! Interested in getting started? Give us a call or visit our website today!

Refrigerated Containers in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Moon Mini Refrigeration has a large selection of refrigerated containers in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the surrounding area. Fayetteville is a great city located on the edge of the Ozark Mountains. It has a wonderful mix of activities and a unique culture culture that makes it a thriving and growing area. Along with quick access to the mountains, there are a number of outstanding parks throughout and around the city. Walkers, cyclists, and hikers will all enjoy the trails in these parks.

Fayetteville also is home to some of the best BBQ in the US! Alongside that, there are a growing number of restaurants that offer many styles of cuisine. Plus, with the University of Arkansas located in the city, there are plenty of university sports and arts events that you can attend.

Moon Mini Refrigeration has decades of experience providing cold storage for special events, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. We are able to offer cold storage on the shortest of notice as well. Read on to learn how Moon is the top choice for refrigerated containers in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Delivery in a Flash

Moon Refrigeration is known for delivering units on short notice. We know that emergencies like a broken freezer or cooler can be a major issue for your business. It can put products and sales at risk.

In response, we deliver fast with a range of products to fit your needs so your business doesn’t lose any products or customers. If customer demand is high during a busy season, our freezers and coolers give you the extra space you need to meet your customers’ needs. We also work to empower you to succeed. When we deliver, our expert technicians assist with setup and provide training to ensure you will be prepared.

A Solution for any Situation

Moon Refrigeration’s cold storage containers are versatile enough to fit your needs no matter what. Do you have an outdoor event that requires cold storage for food? No problem! Maybe your restaurant or grocery store needs just a little more space for products- we have you covered here too! In addition, hospitals, pharmacies, florists, schools and universities will find our units to be perfect for their needs. No customer request is too big or small- we have something for you!

Environmental Friendliness

Moon Refrigeration strongly values offering energy-efficient solutions for our customers. It’s the best thing for you and for the environment. Our refrigerated containers are all equipped with state of the art technology to ensure maximum energy efficiency and minimal impact on the earth. These electric-powered units are quiet as well as efficient for your refrigeration needs. Plus, there’s no need to worry about dealing with diesel like with other refrigerated trailers.

Easy Delivery, Easy Pickup

All of Moon’s cold storage units are mobile and can be placed on ground or dock level. We can place them inside or outdoors as well. Upon delivery, each container also comes with a 50 foot power cord to give you the range you need on-site. Our technicians work with you to establish what you will need to know while you are renting a unit as well. Plus, when we pick up our units, we streamline the process to be as efficient as possible.

Energy efficiency, versatility, customer service, and quality service offerings are at the core of our business. If you need quality cold storage fast, you can trust Moon! Contact us at 502-772-2821 for pricing and our product selection. We look forward to working with you and helping your business succeed!

What is the Cold Chain?

You may have heard the term cold chain before. Today on the blog we will be reviewing what it is and why it is so vital for our globalized world.

An Intro to the Cold Chain

According to the Global Cold Chain Alliance, “The cold chain refers to managing the temperature of perishable products in order to maintain quality and safety from the point of origin through the distribution chain to the final consumer.” We can see that a lot of the key concepts of supply chain are present here (see Moon Warehousing’s blog post on supply chains to learn more), with an added layer specific to temperature. Put simply, the it involves perishable products that rely upon refrigeration. Management practices and temperature control technologies have evolved to help meet the needs of these products.

There are a few hundred years of history behind this. For at least as far back as the 1700s, temperature control has been leveraged while transporting goods. In fact, the British purportedly used ice during transportation to preserve fish in the 18th century. Today, food, medicine, vaccines, and other important goods rely upon the cold chain for global distribution.

Key Parts

We can break the cold chain down into a few key parts. First, there are the cooling systems and technologies that help keep goods temperature-controlled. This includes technology in refrigerated containers, dry ice, gel packs, and even insulated blankets in some cases. Second, there’s the crucial element of storage. There are warehouses with various roles from long-term temperature-controlled storage to intermediary distribution and last mile logistics. Third, there are specific transportation technologies that help goods stay temperature-controlled. Ships, trucks, planes, and other vehicles keep goods at specific temperatures. The final key part deals with distribution. Boxes, pallets, and crates also help process and distribute these goods safely and without compromising temperature control.

Its Importance Today

Cold chain operations play a key role in the global economy today. For instance, in North America alone, cold chain warehouses store hundreds of billions of pounds of perishable food each year. Additionally, temperature-sensitive medications rely upon cold chain practices to be effectively distributed to the people who need them. Also, some of the approved COVID-19 vaccines that are being distributed across various countries have to be kept in specific temperature ranges to maintain their effectiveness. The cold chain will allow global vaccination distribution to be possible.

Restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, and other key organizations require cold chain technology to thrive. For all of your cold storage needs, you can trust Moon Mini Refrigeration. We also offer the option to rent our portable refrigeration units for short or long term periods. We deliver units to your location for on-site refrigeration or freezer applications throughout Kentucky, Indiana and beyond. Visit our website to learn more!

Moon Mini Refrigeration offers flexible rental periods, multiple container sizes, great prices, and top-notch customer service. With our great options and excellent service, we can help you find the reefer container that’s perfect for your needs! To rent a refrigerated container today, give us a call at 5027722821.